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30 Days/30 Ways Partner Resources

Want to share preparedness messaging during National Preparedness Month in September? We can help!

Below are Ready PA's 30 Days/30 Ways 2019 partner resources that you can use in your social media and other communications to encourage preparedness -- and an overall Ready PA!

Social Media Toolkit 2019

For National Preparedness Month 2019, Ready PA is encouraging the use social media to spread preparedness messaging.

September 2019 Weekly Themes

Week #1:  Ready 101 – Get Started, the Basics
Week #2:  Ready 201 – Keep Going, the Not-So-Basics
Week #3:  Cover Your Assets – Insurance and Preparing for Recovery
Week #4:  Be Involved – Ways to Be Involved and Be the Difference in Your Community


When you share National Preparedness Month (30 Days/30 Ways) content on social media, we ask that you use campaign hashtags. Hashtags help us spread the word and also help us determine how successful we, and our partners, are at getting out these messages. Hashtags also help extend your social media page's reach.

Primary hashtag:  #PreparedInPA

Secondary hashtag:  #NationalPreparednessMonth

Direct Links

You can used these direct links in your social media posts and other communications.

Sample Facebook Post

Not sure how to create an emergency kit? 🛄 Curious about flood insurance? 🌧️ Being prepared is easier than you might think. @BeReadyPA can help!

National Preparedness Month in September will be full of helpful #PreparedInPA resources. Join us THEN by signing up NOW for weekly preparedness tips, videos, and other resources right to your inbox! 📨



Sample Tweet

Not sure how to create an emergency kit? 🛄 Curious about flood insurance? 🌧️ Being prepared is easier than you think. We can help! Get weekly #PreparedinPA tips & resources right to your inbox for #NationalPreparednessMonth! 📨

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Download these graphics for use in your social media efforts and more. We will continue to add graphics to this page, so remember to check back.

30 Days_30 Ways_FB.png

Download this Facebook-sized graphic.

Download this Twitter-sized graphic.

Fact Sheets

Download this 30 Days/30 Ways fact sheet (PDF) and others to use in your communications.

Ready PA Social Media

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If you have questions or suggestions about Ready PA's National Preparedness Month communications, please contact us.