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​30 Days/30 Ways 2021

Graphic of an adult holding a child's hand and "National Preparedness Month 2021. 30 Days/30 Ways to Prepare for Emergencies"September is National Preparedness Month!

Preparing for the unexpected is important all year. However, National Preparedness Month (NPM) is an opportunity to learn ways that you can be better prepared at home, work, school, and more.

While this year's NPM is over, check out the 2021 Pennsylvania NPM 30 Days/30 Ways to be Prepared for Emergencies campaign resources!

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30 Days/30 Ways 2021 Themes

This year's NPM theme for Pennsylvania is: 30 Days/30 Ways to Prepare for Emergencies. Protect Everyone You Love.

NPM 2021 Weekly Themes

  • Week #1 (September 1-4):  Make A Plan
  • Week #2 (September 5-11):  Build A Kit
  • Week #3 (September 12-18):  Low-Cost, No-Cost Preparedness
  • Week #4 (September 19-25):  Teach Youth about Preparedness

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